Layne Christensen Announces Agreement with Axis Mining Technology to Distribute their Downhole Survey Tools for Mining Exploration

IDS to distribute Axis Mining Technology Downhole Survey Tools.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, December 1, 2017 -- Layne Christensen Company (NASDAQ: LAYN) ("Layne" or the "Company") today announced that International Directional Services (“IDS”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Layne has entered into an agreement with Axis Mining Technology to distribute their full line of downhole survey tools.

The agreement continues to strengthen IDS’ presence in the industry, making IDS the largest and most diversified distributor of downhole rental instruments and technology globally. The Axis Mining Technology line of downhole survey tools is now available on a rental basis from IDS, starting immediately. This is a very positive development for the mining industry as customers will now have an even greater selection of tools and brands from a single source that is well-positioned to provide excellent service and geographic coverage.

Jason Smith, General Manager at IDS, commented, "We are pleased to partner with Axis Mining Technology to offer our customers increased flexibility and broader options when selecting downhole gyro and magnetic survey instruments, as well as gyro rig alignment technology. With this new alliance, IDS will be in an enhanced position to supply its customers and the mining/drilling industries with some of the most innovative and advanced technology available to collect borehole information.”

Paul Wilkie, Director at Axis Mining Technology, added, “Core to Axis’s business philosophy is delivery of outstanding customer service and technical support. IDS’s customer service values and proven technical expertise are extremely well placed to support our unique technology. We are excited about our new partnership with the IDS team.”

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About Axis Mining Technology
Axis is a leading global supplier of downhole instrumentation to mining & drilling industries, with a technology focus on highly differentiated gyro based products. Axis’s Champ Gyro™ range of technologies contain unique IP, based upon new solid-state gyro technology, which affords unparalleled performance and application flexibility to the industry.

Axis has service and support locations across all major continents and regions.

About Layne
Layne is a global solutions provider to the world of essential natural resources- water, mineral, and energy. We offer innovative, sustainable products and services with an enduring commitment to safety, excellence and integrity.

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