IDS offers a wide variety of options for directional drilling, borehole surveying and equipment with applications for Mineral Exploration, Civil Construction and Energy markets. Those applications include:

Directional Drilling:

  • Multiple Kick-Offs: Performing Multiple Kick-Offs from a Single Master Hole to recapture the cost of redrilling or coring the overlaying formations above the mineralized zone, thereby maximizing exploration dollars.
  • Straight Hole Drilling: In highly deviated formations and correcting deviated holes without expensive wedging and doglegs.
  • Directional Drilling: To pinpoint targets or multiple targets at multiple depths or intersecting predetermined zones.
  • Inaccessible Surface Areas: Such as lakes, rivers and building where it is impossible to set a drill to drill down to the zone.
  • Controlled Drilling: Through Dipping Formations such as coal seams for degasification and staying inside the seam to maximize the distance.
  • Pilot Holes for Raise Bore Shafts: Drilling and remaining in small cylinder areas to maintain a stress-free hole for the rods to turn the hole openers; drilling with steerable motors to speed up penetration rates.

Borehole Surveying:

  • Deviation Surveys: Three-dimensional borehole path mapping by down-hole collection of azimuth and inclination measurements with depth correlation, provided in a convenient data format.
  • Hot Temp / High Pressure Deviation Surveys: Specialized survey instruments that can perform in extreme environments.

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Civil Mineral Exploration Energy

Multiple Kickoffs
Straight Straight
Trenchless Inaccessible

Directional to pinpoint multiple kickoffs
Pilothole Pilothole
Deviation Surveys Deviation Surveys Deviation Surveys

Hot Temp / High Pressure Surveys Hot Temp / High Pressure Surveys