We discovered a real need in the mining industry for directional drilling and surveying services in surface and underground boreholes. From that need, International Directional Services (IDS) was born and has evolved into a leading provider of these services.

IDS has a rich heritage in directional drilling and borehole surveying services stemming back to 1960 when we brought oilfield directional tools into mineral exploration. At that time, our company was an integral part of Christensen Mining Products and Boyles Bros. Drilling when we began to recognize the need for directional drilling and deviation survey services in the mining industry. As a result, we initiated development of the Navi-dril™ directional drilling motor to adapt oilfield technology to specific mining needs. From that start, IDS was born and continues to grow and innovate today.

To rectify many of the mining industry's most unique challenges, IDS developed drilling and surveying tools and techniques to bring real solutions to mining, civil construction, and energy markets. These methods were hugely successful in Canada at that time due to the large quantity of related challenges in that region. After many successful projects, and almost 20 years operating as Navi-dril™ a division of Boyles Bros. Drilling, "Navi-Drilling" became a standard term in the mining industry and is still used today. IDS' Navi-Drilling techniques have been featured as successful case studies in a number engineering and mining periodicals over the years. With continued innovation and improvements on that early technology, IDS developed the Accu-dril™ directional drilling motor which is widely used today.

Stemming from our directional drilling heritage, it became obvious to also offer borehole deviation survey services to mining clients. Again, IDS brought cutting-edge technology to the mining industry to offer a variety of magnetic and non-magnetic techniques to provide comprehensive solutions to our mining clients and beyond. IDS maintains a large technical staff and fleet of magnetic and gyro surveying tools to present its clients with the best options available, specific to their individual needs. As technology continues to develop, IDS keeps pace bringing the latest survey tools to our clients via services, rentals and sales across the globe.

Today, IDS is proud to offer the latest technology and extensive resources to a variety of drilling-related industries. We can participate in any role from project development to total project management. IDS provides worldwide services, rentals and sales for directional drilling and borehole deviation surveying needs for mineral exploration, civil construction and energy clients of all sizes.

Moving forward, IDS is taking on critical mass with international projects and is partnering with important players in the directional drilling and borehole surveying community in North America, Latin America, Asia and Australia to further enhance innovation and capability.