Accu-Dril™ Mud Motors

Proven performance and results in directional drilling projects.

Accu-dril™ is the signature directional down-hole motor utilized and created by IDS. With an industry trusted and proven performance record in directional drilling, IDS is confident in the performance and design of Accu-dril™ to provide reliable results, a long utilization life and versatile options. Multiple options are available including, Adjustable Bent Housings, Fixed Bent Housings, Non-Magnetic power sections, as well as optional torque and rpm configurations. The Accu-dril™ is hydraulically powered using clear water, drilling fluid or air mist circulation.

Consistently, IDS uses Accu-dril™ for mineral exploration, coal degasification and geotechnical applications; Accu-dril™ boasts non-magnetic motors and accessories that are available for superior steering and control when used in conjunction with magnetic based survey systems. The performance capabilities and results make Accu-dril™ a reliable choice in directional drilling projects.

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