Borehole Deviation Survey Services

Deviation surveys are an integral part of comprehensive drill programs.

IDS understands that borehole surveying is an integral component of drill programs; we utilize reputable survey methods as well as specialized equipment and technology. Our various technologies depend on the task and what is best for the operating environment.

These technology services include:

  • Continuous North-Seeking Gyros
  • North-Seeking Gyros
  • Fiber Optic Gyros
  • Surface Recording Gyros
  • MEMS Gyros
  • Magnetic Instruments

We present survey data via the web, hard disk, or print depending on the drill project's requirements. Most drill programs require the collection of survey data throughout the exploration process; IDS experts recommend surveying boreholes at total depth and depending on the needs of individual projects, intermediate surveys as the holes progress may be warranted. We will accommodate for all environments and each project's needs.

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