Geophysical & Hydrophysical Logging and Analysis

Comprehensive borehole geophysical and hydrophysical logging and analysis.

COLOG is IDS' trusted partner for geophysical and hydrophysical logging services.  Since 1985, COLOG has been providing borehole geophysical and hydrophysical services to a wide variety of industries including the mining, environmental, energy, geotechnical and water industries.  In early 2015, COLOG seperated from IDS and Layne, but continues to work closely with IDS to provide comprehensive logging and analysis for their client base.

COLOG takes traditional borehole geophysics logs to a new level by combining standard logging techniques with the latest technological advancements and creative thinking to develop capabilities unmatched by the industry.
Additionally, COLOG has invested in the latest hydrophysical logging technology and developed new logging techniques to provide cost effective approaches to evaluating interval-specific  distribution of permeability and water quality.  
COLOG provides advanced levels of geophysical and hydrophysical data such as:
  • Acoustic Measurements: Acoustic and Optical Televiewer, Full Waveform Sonic, Cement Bond Log, Crosshole Sonic, Variable Density Log, Tube Wave Amplitude
  • Electrical and Magnetic Measurements: Normal Resistivity, Single Point Resistance, Spontaneous Potential, Lateral Resistivity, Guard Sensitivity, Induced Polarization, Induction, Dual Induction, Magnetic Susceptibility, Borehole Radar
  • Nuclear Measurements: Natural Gamma, Neutron Porosity, Spectral Gamma, Gamma-Gamma Density
  • Hydrophysical and Fluid Measurements: Temperature/Differential Temperature, Fluid Resisitivity/Conductivity, pH, Oxidation-Reduction Potential, Vertical and Horizontal Flow, Water Quality Testing, Wireline Straddle Packer, Discrete Interval Sampling
Here is the contact information for their Geophysics and Hydrophysics team:
  • Mike Culig - - +1 303.517.8709
  • Greg Bauer - - +1 303.888.1430
  • Nathan Davis - - +1 303.475.3097
  • Hannah Clark - - +1 775.385.6222
Alabama Office:
116C-2 Celtic Circle
Madison, AL 35758, USA 
Phone: +1 256.325.1504 
Colorado Office:
810 Quail Street, Suite E.
Lakewood, CO 80215, USA
Phone: +1 303.279.0171 
Nevada Office: 
112 W. Front St.
Elko, NV 89801, USA 
Phone: +1 775.778.6625 

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