Civil Applications

Direct boreholes to target within tight tolerance limits on Civil and Geotechnical projects.

Our directionally drilled holes have been proven to be exceptionally accurate and reliable. In our previous projects, we have been able to attain 0.2% position tolerance relative to hole depth. This means that even if the depth is great, our accuracy is impeccable.

IDS offers solutions utilizing geotechnical applications for freeze ring projects and dam remediation. As well, our methods are useful for precisely drilled boreholes used for electrical conduit, communications or ventilation needs.

Designing and drilling freeze holes for freeze rings, facilitating shaft construction in unconsolidated and water-saturated formations.

IDS can steer a surface launched drill hole and turn it horizontal to conform within a desired tunnel target radius and trajectory. Once on trajectory this allows the extending hole to retrieve core samples and to achieve borehole formation water testing within the tunnel footprint. This is a highly sought after application for pre-construction design for aqueducts and highway tunnels.

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