Mineral Exploration

Maximize exploration investment and increase drill program productivity.

IDS offers unparalleled experience to overcome environmental constraints thus maximizing results in mineral exploration. Our reputation for effective precision directional drilled pre-collars to avoid drilling multiple surface holes to reach targets often precedes us. We are more than able to replicate those results on various projects.

Our methods of mineral exploration utilize rotary and core applications for the surface and underground. This means it is our priority to help define your ore body with minimal holes, steer pre-existing holes to intersect a target and create multiple kickoffs from one pilot hole. IDS helps maximize your budget while creating more productive solutions for your critical drill programs.

Directional drilling applications for mineral exploration often include:

  • Multiple Kick-Offs: Performing Multiple Kick-Offs from a Single Master Hole to recapture the cost of redrilling or coring the overlaying formations above the mineralized zone, thereby maximizing exploration dollars.
  • Straight Hole Drilling: In highly deviated formations and correcting deviated holes without expensive wedging and doglegs.
  • Pilot Holes for Raise Bore Shafts and Utility Boreholes: Drilling and remaining in small cylinder areas to maintain a stress-free hole for the rods to turn the hole openers, drilling with steerable motors to speed up penetration rates. Intersect underground tunnels for utility installations and or backfill materials directly into underground workings.

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