Minnovare Azimuth Aligner® North-Seeking Gyro Rig Alignment System

IDS’s Azimuth Aligner® is used in mining exploration and civil construction projects to automate the drill-rig alignment process – substantially increasing accuracy and efficiency, while reducing downtime and costs. The Azimuth Aligner replaces conventional exploration drill-rig alignment methods for both mining and construction projects: Align your rig to within 0.2° ...in just five minutes! Contact our team today for pricing and availability at IDSInfo@IDSdrill.com.


Azimuth Aligner North-Seeking Gyro Rig Alignment System

Minnovare Videos: The Azimuth Aligner

Minnovare’s The Azimuth Aligner®  

Azimuth Aligner® How to Video  

The Azimuth Aligner® Stop Motion