AXIS Mining Technology North-Seeking Gyro & Magnetic Survey Instruments

The latest solid state north-seeking gyro and magnetic survey technology for borehole deviation analysis.

IDS’s AXIS north-seeking gyro and magnetic survey tools represent the latest developments in borehole deviation survey instrumentation. Built on a vast history of industry knowledge the Champ range of survey systems can provide a direct cost-benefit through previously unseen simplicity, performance and application flexibility.

Champ Gyro Multi-shot north-seeking gyro, overshot deployable
Champ Navigator Multi-shot and continuous north-seeking gyro with rig alignment capability, overshot deployable
Champ Gyro SRO Multi-shot and continuous north-seeking gyro, memory based and real-time surface read-out options
Champ Magshot Multi-shot magnetic survey tool
Rig Aligner Add-on north-seeking rig alignment feature for Champ Navigator
Champ OSA Add-on running gear overshot deployment feature for Champ Gyro and Navigator

AXIS Mining Technology Survey Tools Video

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