Core Orientation Tools

Rental Instruments for accurate collection and display of in-situ core orientation data.


IDS offers both Boart Longyear TruCore and Reflex ACT core orientation systems for measuring the in-situ position of core samples to facilitate accurate measurement of geologic features.

  • Fully compatible with most existing coring systems
  • Orientations in holes with inclinations up to +/- 88°
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Water proof and shock tolerant
  • Available in most standard drilling sizes
  • Rapid descent design coupled with two included orienters for high efficiency


Used in conjunction with core orientation instruments, core goniometers provide the ability to measure strike and dip of geologic features allowing for a more complete interpretation of structural detail. These provide, in part:

  • Stratigraphic & structural analysis on vertical or angle holes
  • Orientation of planes of foliation, lineation joints, and fractures

          IDS Goniometer

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