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Barrick approached IDS to help with a specialized issue for one of their projects. It is not uncommon in Nevada land formations to experience extreme deviated RC drill holes, which require additional holes to be drilled. Oftentimes, this increases the cost of the project with no guarantee that the additional holes will reach the intended targets. It was important that IDS support the project with personnel that had experience in drilling as well as directional experience.


IDS utilized their trusted directional drilling technology on Barrick's project to accurately drill pre-collars to avoid geological deviation common in the area. The skilled teams directionally drilled and steered the holes within 10 feet of the target at 2,000 feet. The processes were planned and executed by experienced directional drilling personnel that have considerable drilling experience in several markets.

Personnel carefully plotted and tracked the holes using sophisticated directional software. In order to be as efficient as possible, IDS implemented the use of EM-MWD steering instrumentation to send information through the earth’s crust utilizing low frequency electromagnetic waves. We drilled 6.25-inch hole with 4.75-inch directional drilling down-hole using a mud driven motor with 0 to 3 degree adjustable bent housing.

The methods utilized by IDS improved the cost-effectiveness of drilling where targets are deep down by dramatically increasing the certainty of testing the desired target on the first try. Barrick was pleased with the results from IDS that allowed total deviation including the core tails at less than 30 feet in each hole at their respective target depths.

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