Elura Mine

Utilizing technology to adhere to limitations.


The Elura Mine project in Australia was a practice in precision drilling a pilot hole for an extension of a mineshaft intersecting a lower hole. IDS needed to create a pilot hole that was going to be used to ream out that hole. The project required completion underground utilizing a raised bore machine. The shaft needed to start at an upper tunnel and be aligned to match up to a lower tunnel.


IDS used 2.87-inch Accu-dril™ motor in conjunction with MWD-E steering technology to successfully drill and remain inside a 12-inch cylinder for 1,312 feet. Gyroscopic surveys were taken at 20-foot intervals to verify MWD-E data. When the hole began to deviate, IDS commenced steering to get it back on course, ultimately completing the hole trajectory within the prescribed tolerances.

Soon after this project was successfully completed, IDS completed a pilot hole in Queensland, Australia at the Mt. Isa Mine using the same tools and technology while maintaining a 6-inch diameter cylinder for 1,969 feet.

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