Brochures and spec sheets providing technical information on our directional drilling and borehole surveying services and products.

Reflex EZ-Shot Brochure

Have a close look at Reflex EZ-SHOT™ electronic solid-state single-shot drillhole survey tool that's easy to use, that's totally self-contained, that's reliable and accurate, and that will give you many years of trouble-free service. And there is no external charger or computer involved! Making single-shot measurements in drillholes with the REFLEX EZ-SHO™not only becomes straightforward and simple, but also means lower capital investment and reduced operating costs.

Reflex EZ-Trac

Easy to operate; robust and durable Single Shot, Multi Shot survey tool with orientation capabilities; completely water proof.

Reflex GYRO Brochure

The Reflex GYRO is a complete downhole surveying instrument capable of surveying in all environments, magnetic and non-magnetic, providing its own internal quality checks.

Reflex HT ACT Brochure

The Reflex HT ACT incorporates an improved ergonomic design, specifically designed for high temperature applications. The HT ACT is brought to you by Reflex, the leading developer of advanced coring systems and instrumentation.

Reflex HT EZ-Trac - High Temperature

Designed for high temperature geothermal applications, up to 329 deg. F (169 deg. C); Single Shot, Multi Shot and Orientation capabilities.

Reflex HT Gyro Brochure

The Reflex HT Gyro is a complete down hole surveying package for all magnetic and non-magnetic wellbore surveying. The HT Gyro is available in a complete or basic kit and contains its own internal quality checks.

Borehole Surveying in Nevada

Abstract With our proven track record, our superior availability and our investment in tools, people and safety we continue to partner with Nevada's best mining and drilling companies to ensure that Nevada is a world-class leader in mining.